Issuance of Indimolor Bulletin Sorting Edition Student Representatives

20 November 2019
Indikator Annual Member Conference (MATI) XXXIV
20 November 2019

The issuance of the Indikator’s bulletin called Indimolor edition of the Election of Student Representatives (Pemilwa) is an annual agenda of the LPM Indikator. This agenda aims to meet the information needs, especially the civitas academica of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB). In addition, this publication is intended to oversee the issues at FEB UB which are packaged in the form of reports and presented in depth and objectively.

Indimolor publishing activities will be carried out on November 20, 2019. While for the cultivation will be carried out starting on October 25, 2019. This year, the Indimolor edition of Election will be printed as many as 300 pieces with each page containing 24 pages.

In this edition, publishing will be carried out twice, namely the edition before the 2019 Pemilwa activities and after the Pemilwa activities take place. The target in the publication of this product is the students of FEB UB and all the successful elements of the 2019 FEB UB Election. This product will be printed in A5 size (210 mm x 148 mm) with the type of 70 gram White HVS paper in A4.