Issuance of the Indimolor Bulletin Edition of the Introduction of New Student Campus Life 2019

Mahasiswa FEB UB Berpartisipasi Membangun Tikep
14 August 2019
Marching FEB sebagai Impresi Awal Terhadap Mahasiswa Baru
17 August 2019

As a form of welcoming campus life, the Student Press Institute Indikator of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (LPM Indikator FEB UB) publishes an indimolor bulletin. In order to welcome new students involving all elements of the academic community, which will be held on August 13-15 2019 in UB, there will be a regent who is able to build the nation. This is where the role of LPM Indikators in presenting news about campus life to the entire academic community of UB.

The publication of the indimolor bulletin was attended by all members of the LPM Indikator, for three days by interviewing various parties participating in this campus life activity. The introduction of campus life in three consecutive days made us prepare for it. However, it is our desire to share this Indimolor bulletin in the right place and time. PKKMABA University namely Raja Brawijaya on August 14, 2019. While PKKMABA Faculty of Inception 2019 on August 15 and 16 2019 with the theme “Integrity in character to implement an idea through a generation”.

Of course, LPM Indikator as the information mediator between PKKMABA and students, this is also in line with its function, namely as an institution engaged in information and monitoring. In addition, in order to support the publication of the Indimolor bulletin, cooperation from all parties is needed. Finally, the LPM Indikator expressed his gratitude and our great hope that this activity will run smoothly and on time.