Joss Dance Competition 2017

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8 December 2017
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11 December 2017

Joss Dance Competition 2017 is a national dance competition organized by Jogja Organizer Set and Services. The competition carries the theme “Pride of culture” and is held in Gor Amongrogo, Yogyakarta. visitors who are in Gor Amongrogo can enjoy the dance contest directly without any entrance ticket fee for visitors who want to watch this competition. in addition, to enliven this event the committee Joss Dance Competition also held a small bazaar.

With a dance competition that brings 2 genres of dance that is Modern and Cover. Joss Dance competition can attract participants from several regions in Indonesia. This dance competition is one form of container to develop participants talents in the field of dance art in the modern genre and cover.

The enthusiasm given by the dancers in several cities in Indonesia is very good at performing and competing in the field of dance. There are some participants who are dance team finalists who have participated in one of the prestigious dance contest in INBOX event which was presented in one of Indonesia national TV channel.

Ekonomics and Business Dance Club (EDC) is one of the teams that participated in this competition, bringing with 9 delegates and bringing modern with the special feel of Yogyakarta “Batik”. EDC who has followed the exercise routine to compete with teams which has been formed to compete with other participants. although not yet able to bring home trophies, EDC delegation team is able to take the attention of the audience with different dance concept from other participants. expected in the next competition, EDC is able to win and produce various achievements in the field of dance.