5 December 2018
6 December 2018

To thank the presence of Allah SWT, Rabb of the worlds, is gracious and merciful. Only He is entitled to be worshipped and only to him again we are entitled to ask help. Hopefully we are always in a straight path, the way people – those who have been given grace by him is not the way of those on whom is the wrath of Him. Sholawat and greeting will be always poured out to our best motivators Rasullullah SAW, along with the family, friends and the people who always follow him till the day of judgment.

Knowledge about Islam is an important thing for every Muslim, where in doing their activities, they must know about everything that is allowed and everything that is forbidden so that they can fully become a true Muslims. Many once a Muslim who sometimes do not know a deed by the law of unlawful to do so remain to be done. There fore they need a means to add the knowledge that they know about Islam and increase their love for Islam itself. They need to attend Islamic studies an ongoing. This is why we Forstilling to hold KAFEBREK program (Kajian FEB Rek). With the existence of this program is expected to later will help for anyone who is still curious and want to increase their knowledge about Islam.

KAFEBREK conducted every Thursday that started on 1 March 2018 until 21 December 2018 located in the Surau Ar-Rahman or Faculty of Economics and Business basesment of Brawijaya University which means that the event was held during the three times and still will continue until the terms of the end of the execution date. The reading of the Qur’anic verses at the beginning of the activity is a must. Then continued with the delivery of the material by the corresponding teacher. After the delivery of the material is complete, followed by a discussion session between the participants and come. After the question and answer session is complete, the event was closed at around 17.45 WIB.

KAFEBREK provides interesting materials and Ustaz, which are needed by KM FEB. Like the first KAFEBREK on March 1, 2018, the theme was hijrah in morals and the teacher were some member of MOVE, famous hijrah community in Malang. The concept was Talkshow rather than the usual study. Participants can also ask freely and comfortably.