Kuliah Tamu di FEB UB Menghadirkan Guest Lecture dari The Hague University, Netherlands
11 October 2017
IDC (Indonesian Debating Competition)
12 October 2017

Latihan Alam is a work program of the Economist Goes to Opera or the EGO Theater FEB UB in order to grow and develop artistic insights, demonstrating EGO productivity. Latihan Alam this time held for two days that is on Saturday – Sunday, May 13-14, 2017 which is located at Bumi Perkemahan Bedengan. The activity of Latihan Alam themed “Train awareness of space, form, and time”. This Nature Training was filled by the speaker and coach from the EGO Theater. This event was attended by all EGO members, members of theater studio in maupum outside UB and the general public (FEB students).

The first activity we did was gather at the EGO Theater’s secretariat, then go together to Bedengan. Participants and the committee departed with two public transportation (angkot), a journey that we took about an hour with a winding road. During the trip we fill with singing together until we do not feel we’ve arrived at the practice site. The first thing we do when we get there is to get our luggage from angkot. After that, we started to set up tents and get ready for the ashar prayer. After our ashar prayer then proceeded with meditation material and introduction to nature relation with theater filled by EGO Theater trainer for about 1.5 hours. After that we proceed with rest and preparation for praying maghrib together. In the evening proceed with meditation materials and vocal about 1.5 hours. Then proceed with sleep rest.

The next day, the participants wake up early to prepare for morning prayers, after 1.5 hours pass the briefing committee to prepare for preparing the next activity. After that the next activity is warming and facial gymnastic materials, this material is also filled by EGO Theater coach. After warm-up and facial gymnastics, all participants were directed to breakfast. Breakfast is given about 1 hour, then continued with body material about 2 hours. After that the participants are directed to rest and prepare for prayer and lunch. Bodybuilding material is the last material, so after ISHOMA is closing and home preparation.

Regardless of all the obstacles that the committee felt during the process until the day D, 2017 Latihan Alam goes as expected. The enthusiasm of large participants in following the series of events for the Latihan Alam became our encouragement. The science given by the speakers would be a learning for us, especially the members of EGO in improving the ability of artistic role. Behind the good work of this workshop certainly there are faults that makes this event is not perfect. One of them the readiness of a limited place resulted in the exercise was less flexible. Even so we are very grateful to the success of this Latihan Alam 2017.