Latihan Dasar Teater EGO 2015

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7 December 2015
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10 December 2015

Latihan Dasar Teater EGO 2015 will be held on 27-29 November 2015 in Coban Rondo is expected success. The work program aims to introduce a new member of EGO on the basics of science theater. Moreover, this activity also aims to strengthen the good relationship between the new members and the old members EGO.

The first day of basic training theater is make good relationship session and introduction of theater art itself. This event can be expected to be interesting because the committee will present speakers were very competent in his field. There are three core speakers in this event. Brazing vocal, body work, navigation, is Arena, an alumni of the ISI Yogyakarta who is now a teacher of theater as well. Then the participants were also taught how to write a good script by Denny Mizhar, a writer in Malang who is also coordinator of the kelompok Pelangi Sastra Malang. Lastly, the core material for every actor that staging techniques presented by Didik Harmadi or commonly called ‘meong’.

After a series of material given to participants, they will be asked to apply the whole of the material in the form of a small staging. To close the event, the organizers will hold outbound useful to hone the soft skills of the participants