Latihan Rutin Futsal Saweri Gading FEB UB Periode Februari – Juni 2018

Korupsi Gerogoti Pembangunan
20 February 2018
Protected: Kuisioner Evaluasi Penerapan Sistem Remunerasi (Dosen)
21 February 2018

Saweri Gading is an organization under the Ministry of Youth and Sports Student Executive Board of Futsal in Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB) which has a lot of talented players with skill above average. This routine exercise aims to raise the name of FEB UB at the national level by carving out a glorious achievement through futsal sport.

            Men’s futsal team and women’s futsal team of Saweri Gading FEB UB conduct regular training to always maintain and strive for better from the results that have been obtained. Given Futsal Saweri Gading FEB UB is one of the strongest faculty team for Regional level.

            Exercise on the futsal field is held three times a week for the women’s futsal team and four times a week for the men’s futsal team. Phase 1 exercise routine is held during February to June 2018 at Futsal Field Champion Tidar Malang. Training routine followed by all students active FEB UB.

            Coach for regular practice of futsal team of saweri gading is Fuad Afdal as headcoach, Hamzah Syahid Ramadan as Asscoach and Mochammad Ibnu Kudus as kipper trainer. For women’s futsal team of Saweri Gading trained by Naufal Firdaus as headcoach, Agatha Frelyan Samudra as Asscoach and Zamrudhi Akhlul Ridho as kipper trainers. With this exercise routine players are expected to be more ready in the face of the tournament and more mastered the basic and advanced skills futsal

            This routine exercise is one of the means to be able to show the potential and skills possessed, as well as the achievement event, to bring the name of the alma mater, especially the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya in general at the national level event.

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