Legislator Training 2017

19 April 2017
25 April 2017

Collage Student Council in Faculty of Economic and Business, Brawijaya University (we said as DPM FEB UB) is a legislator department in Faculty of Economic and Business. DPM FEB UB start its activity with handover the term in early month of the year.

As the legislatures, the seven member of DPM, they need specialized staff to help them running their function and their authority. Because of that, DPM FEB UB had recruited the specialized staff on 4th – 5th March 2017.

Just have many human resources not really give a good impact to organization, we need to make up the staff’s character into the good one. There is nothing to do if the organization doesn’t have good moral staff to push the organization. Furthermore, DPM FEB UB need to known each other specialized staff about their organization, authority, duty, and how to branding DPM FEB UB to be better organization for this year.

The first step that DPM FEB UB chosen to introduce the specialized staff about them, DPM FEB UB had finished Legislator Training as the way to inform the specialized staff that they was official to join DPM FEB UB. As they became official, the brought their authority and duty to be legislator representative. The legislature wanted the representative will being bring by specialized staff are integrity and professional.

Legislator Training (LT) FEB UB has been held on 18th – 19th March 2017. The participant are all legislature and all of specialized staff. At the first day, 18th March 2017, the event started at 07.00 a.m and finished at 03.00 p.m. DPM FEB UB gave the specialized staff training to be good representative of DPM FEB UB. DPM FEB UB invited three speaker. The speaker told about what is legislative, what are the function, what are the differences of national council with collage council, how to make up DPM FEB UB branding for better representative, and how to build networking.  It held at Management build D2.7.

The next day, the activity held at rector yard. Most of the activity taught about hard work, team work, belief, etc. It started at 06.30 a.m. not just playing around, this activity had purpose to build a good relation. Good relation is the way to make a better organization and a good branding for the future of DPM FEB UB.

At the last activity, the legislature gave the specialized staff some advice. All of them were specialized staff at last period. So they shared their experience. Their experience can be a good lesson to new specialized staff. They also reminded the new staff that new generation has a duty to make a better DPM but we don’t have the duty to change all of regulation, we just need to change something that needed.