10 February 2019
Kuliah Tamu, Banking Lecture Update Series
12 February 2019

Dewan Perwakilan Mahasiswa of the Economics and Business Faculty of Brawijaya University is a legislative institution that functions as a legislator for active undergraduate students of FEB UB. The management of DPM FEB UB begins with the presentation of positions at the General Meeting of the Early Year of MUMFEB 2019. In its management, DPM Members of FEB UB need staff who will assist in carrying out the main tasks and functions of DPM FEB UB. Therefore DPM FEB UB needs to recruit staff to maximize DPM FEB UB’s performance in implementing the vision and realizing the mission for the next period.

A lot of human resources is not enough in an organization, but also requires the formation of self character. It will be useless if an organization has a lot of human resources but does not have a good character so that it can become a development barrier for an organization. In addition, it also requires an introduction to staff about the organization they are participating in and how they will become part of the organization. To be able to create students with organizational souls, it is necessary to have activities that can motivate students.

In the initial stage of the introduction of DPM FEB UB, legislative affairs, and as an organizational training, DPM FEB UB held a Training Legislator. Understanding the character of each individual is not easy, it takes a process to get to know each other. Through this Training Legislator, it is expected that each individual can begin to understand colleagues who will build DPM FEB UB together. This is also related to the professional work that must be done by organizational activists with regard to the little time available with human resources that can work together with one another.

Legislator Training I is the first event in 2019 Legislator Training. In this event the staff will receive organizational training and delivery of material on legislative training which has been be held on Saturday February 9 2019 in Building D2.7 FEB UB at 07.00 until 14.30 WIB.

After the Legislator Training I has been held the next event was the Training II Legislator. In this event the staff will participate in Outbound and team work training which will be held on Sunday 10 February 2019 at FEB UB Parking Area at 07.00 until 11.00 WIB.