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7 May 2019
9 May 2019

SERASI (Lively of Ramadhan Islamic Campus), which is a series of events or activities in the month of Ramadan held by FORSTILLING (Islamic and Environmental Studies Forum) and in collaboration with the Autonomous Institutions BEM and CIES FEB UB in order to facilitate students of the Faculty of Economics and Business and the academic community fill and enliven the activities in the month of Ramadan with positive and rewarding activities.

               The theme that is carried out in this Serasi Keigatan is Together, Love Spread and Knit Ukhuwah in the Month of Ramadhan, it is expected that the theme can reflect the content and purpose of this activity, namely a vehicle for all the Faculty of Economics and Business to achieve maximum reward, Strengthen ukhuwah solidarity among Muslims, as well as Spreading love and blessings to fellow Muslims at the Faculty of Economics and Business, besides Serasi also invited children from the villages built by Bethek, Polehan, and Kadiksuh.

               The lively Ramadhan Kampus Islami (SERASI) 2019 M / 1440 H is held during the month of Ramadhan which is on 8-9 May 2019 and takes place at Basement FEB UB. The concept of the event carried out included: 1. On May 8 a talk show was held by two presenters, Ust. Dr. Fajar Nasri and Ust. Ansori then continued ah wayahe Dolanan ’, which will be attended by all the fostered village brothers, 2. May 9 is the highlight of the event, which is a joint prayer ahead of the National Examination then continued with FEB and then Kafebrek Special. On the 8-9 of course we also carry out breaking fast together and sharing ta’jil around FEB and the Soekarno Hatta gate.

               This activity was motivated by the lack of Ramadhan activities in the Faculty of Economics and Business which resulted in Ramadhan being no different from the month in general and the large amount of free time in Ramadan caused students not to be directed in optimizing this blessed month. Therefore, with the presence of this Ramadhan activity, it is expected that the academics can feel the blessings and changes in themselves to become better people than before.

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