<!–:id–>Management Day 2: Sampaikan Nilai-Nilai Penting Melalui Uji Kreativitas dan Permainan<!–:–><!–:en–>Management Day 2: Convey Important Values Through Creativity Test and Games<!–:–>

<!–:id–>Abdul Jabbar Jawwadurrohman: Juara 3 Social Project tingkat ASEAN<!–:–><!–:en–>Abdul Jabbar Jawwadurrohman: 3rd Place Social Project ASEAN level<!–:–>
18 October 2014
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18 October 2014


Malang (13/10) – Department of Management Student Association (HMJM) Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB) continues the series of events Management Day (MD). After the success of the Meet Up and MD 1, MD 2 HMJM held in the Hall Building D and D Building Pages JM FEB. If the MD 1 HMJM introduce majors to the participants, the current MD 2 participants will be introduced to HMJM and new members JM FEB will be familiarized again through the test creativity and team games.

“In addition to the more familiar, through MD 2 participants also gain more knowledge of HMJM and knowledge of how high berintektual someone like a student is able to motivate themselves and their environment and understand the ethics of conduct. Through a simple series of events we expect this exciting goal of MD 2 can be achieved “, said Imam Mul Muttaqin chairman of MD.

In the whole series of events MD participants participate in various activities to deliver one of the objectives is the delivery of the MD values​​. The values ​​are presented in a series of MD include family values​​, creativity, intellect, leadership, cooperation, social sensitivity, entrepreneurship, communication, and responsibility.

HMJM delivery pack these values ​​properly. Test team creativity in a talent show and games are designed to be attractive delivery values ​​are more striking in participants. Thus indirectly the participants realize that values ​​are important to a student in campus life and the community.

Some of the games in this MD 2, namely, game flour hands, titanic, leaking pipes, bliend walk, folding carpet and an eternal flame. Teamwork is the key to winning the permainana-permaianan. MD who is also the chairman of the JM student adds, “In addition to the game, teamwork which will indirectly will teach participants the values ​​that we expect also go through the talent show. Which talent show should be displayed as a group. ”

Although the number of participants MD 2 is not as much of a target of the committee, in which participants who come just as much 105 people. Participants attend a series of MD remain enthusiastic and excitement 2. Enthusiastic participants was apparent when participants happily flying the balloon of hope along together. Expectation that there is a new balloon in the MD 2 symbolizes the struggle of reaching goals.

“Through philosophy Reach for your dream skies we asked participants to write goals and stick to the balloon. After that we fly balloons together. Our expectations of participants who are new students to understand that this is the beginning for them to achieve their goals. Through JM FEB, after entering the campus and a student at JM FEB they have to fight for high ideals which they dream. (hdn/az)