Management Entrepreneur Day 2018: Digging Student Sociopreneur’s Soul

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5 May 2018
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7 May 2018

Malang – This year, Management Entrepreneur Day was held on 2 & 3 May 2018 with the theme of Sociopreneur. Sociopreneur is a combination of the words “socio” and “entrepreneur” which means a business that carries a social mission. Based on this understanding, the purpose of a business idea is to build a middle-class society down to be able to have their own business and financially independent.

“A country is said to be a developed country if the number of entrepreneurs is around 14% and in Indonesia is still 3.1%” said Mr. Nurkholis as Dean FEB UB in his speech. That’s why the Department of Management FEB UB held this MED activity, in order to explore the entrepreneur’s spirit in the students themselves. In the year 2017 ago, MED has brought the theme of Technopreneur who explore the idea of ​​technology-based business. And this year, with the theme Sociopreneur there are 56 booths who participated.

Besides exploring the entrepreneur’s spirit of students, there are awards for the following 4 categories:

The favorite stand is based on the number of stickers affixed by the visitors on the stand and won by Tiny House (1st Winner) Winner, Help Me (2nd Winner) and Karara (3rd Winner).

The best video based on video capabilities explains the business ideas that are promoted and won by De Poujon (Champion 1), Glempobag (2nd Winner), and Bale Acitya (3rd Winner).

The best business ideas based on the amount of business benefits generated to reduce existing social problems and won by Tedako (Champion 1), Ngopilah (2nd Winner), and Sekuy Coffee (3rd Winner).

Favorite stand according to the committee is Salam.

“Our business idea originated from Eco Wisata Amadanom Coffee Garden in Dampit that process coffee leaves into compost. After that, we started to find out whether this coffee leaves can be processed to have more value and it turns out the leaves can be processed into tea. Thus, the birth of Tedako is Tea Leaf Coffee “said Afnan, one of Tedako team members. From here we can see that business ideas not only arise from unrest and trends but also a sense of not easily satisfied can produce innovation. Not only that, Tedako’s team also got the source that during the colonial period, the indigenous people could not enjoy the coffee beans so they processed the leaves into tea. So they named the stand “Stand Warisan si Mbah” which means the inheritance of the parents. “We want to give a message to many people not to forget what the old man had created,” he added.