More Excellence in Achievement, CIES Wins 2nd and 3rd Place in Call For Paper, Sharia Economic Week at UMY

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28 March 2019
ECONOMIC Sharia WEEKS 7 2019
28 March 2019

Malang – 2 CIES FEB UB Delegation Team won. The first team consisting of Achmad Fauzan Fajar (IE 2016), Syahri Ramadhan (Management 2016), Mohammad Daffa Pratama (IE 2016). Then the second team consisting of Aufan Ghifari (IE 2017), Muhammad Azzam Utman (IE 2017), Muhammad Faisyal Agustiawan (Management 2017) won 2nd and 3rd place on Call For Paper, Sharia Economic Week on March 24 – March 27 2019 held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Ekonomi dan Perbankan Islam Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta(HIMEPI UMY).

Sharia Economic Week (SEW) is a series of educational competitions on Islamic economics, such as the Islamic economic debate, call for paper & presentation, Islamic economic olympiad and National Seminar. The series of events took approximately a week to run. SEW continued in the following years until now SEW VII.

The branch for call for paper, on SEW VII, is an arena to practice the competence and implementation of Islamic economics in the form of scientific work which is the background of the participation of CIES delegates to participate in SEW VII CIES, So the form of application of knowledge that has been studied so far “- said Achmad Fauzan / Chairman of CIES FEB UB.

For the achievements, Ahmad Fauzan very much hopes that friends from FEB will be more accomplished in the future and can inspire FEB friends to be active in race events, especially those that are in line with their abilities and disciplines.

Frequently training our self from the start, praying, istiqomah and looking for lecturers to consult, were tips given by Fauzan for other friends who wanted to win the scientific competition. “The most important exercises and prayers, before the friends searched for competition info and then made the team make paper as much as possible to consult with the lecturers because we have extraordinary lecturers at FEB, or at least to sharing with experienced senior. Enthusiasm and istiqomah don’t forget, “said Fauzan.


Arif Rosyidi
Arif Rosyidi
Reporter Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis, Universitas Brawijaya.