Muhammed Jawo: Sharing the Study Abroad Experience

PR Ketimpangan
18 April 2018
Academic Sharing in Coffee Morning by Management Department
23 April 2018

“Live as if you died tomorrow. Learn as if you live forever. ”

-Mahatma Ghandi

The phrase is perfectly suited to Muhammed Jawo, a student of FEB UB’s Management Department of 2014. The student from Gambia, West Africa, recently completed his judgment on March 28, 2018 after completing his comprehensive examination a week ago on March 20, 2018. Not only that, he also claimed only takes 1 month 3 weeks to work on the minor thesis. He also has joined the organization CIES FEB UB and AIESEC and exchange to the Netherlands.

However, on top of his achievement he also had difficulty in the beginning of the college. This is because of the difficulty he adapted to the language and food that exist in Indonesia. In terms of language, he is very adept at using English with a British accent while most Indonesians use American accents. So while engaging in conversation, other people find it difficult to understand what he says even though he understands what others say. For food he also had experienced culture shock and confessed the same food with the one in the country only rice, chicken, and fish.

Another thing that helped Jawo during his college at FEB UB was a scoring system that was not only based on UTS and UAS scores ​​but also from quizzes, group presentations, as well as class participation. In addition he is also proud because the Department of Management already has an A international accreditation so he can continue his master’s degree to New York, USA.

Before deciding to continue studying in Indonesia, Jawo was offered a job in his uncle’s company but he refused because he wanted to become an entrepreneur. It is also that leads him to choose college in management majors. “If you go to clothing industry (Iphone, Samsung, Vivo, etc) they are still companies, if you go to shoes (Nike, Puma, etc) they are companies too. Everywhere, you have and need management, so when you study Management, your career opportunities are so great because you can work everywhere “added Jawo.