Jelang Dies Natalis UB Ke 56, Dharma Wanita Persatuan Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya Himbau Seluruh Anggota Turut Berpartisipasi Aktif
20 October 2017
Work Visitation Of DPM FEB UB 2017
20 October 2017

On Saturday-Sunday 2-3 December 2017 Dakwah League of the Faculty of Economics and Business Forstilling (Forum Studi Islam dan Lingkungan) Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya held its 32ND  congress in D building FEB room 3.5. Muktamar was conducted by Forstilling to determine who will become head of Forstilling in the next period of 2018, in addition to the Muktamar is a medium for evaluating the performance of the daily management board of Forstilling in the period of 2017. The term ‘Muktamar’ used since 32 years ago in 1986 at the beginning when Forstilling FEB UB founded.

As a series of events  32ND MUKTAMAR OF FORSTILLING FEB UB consists of 4 Plenary Session, Plenary Session I discuss AD / ART Forstilling, Plenary II discuss a responsibility report of daily management board of Forstilling, Plenary Session III Shura council elections, and the Plenary Session IV handover of the new head as well as a reading pledge session by the new head.

THE 32ND  MUKTAMAR OF FORSTILLING FEB UB resulted in the decision by the Shura council selected by the Muktamar participants that the head of the new Forstilling FEB UB period of 2017 was Abdullah student of Faculty of Economics and Business class of 2015 and was previously a member of Forstilling FEB. New head replaces Forstilling previous head period of 2017 Muhammad Rifai student of Faculty of Economics and Business class of 2014. With the election of a new head of Forstilling in the near future the Shura Council and the new head will collate the Forstilling new organizational structure and elect the board of the new daily management board to continue the struggle to spread the benefits in Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University for the next year