(MUSANG) Musyawarah Anggota LSME Economics and Business Faculty Brawijaya University

Muktamar CIES 2019
20 November 2019
Kongres Nasional Mahasiswa Akuntansi 2019
20 November 2019


One of the annual agenda of LSME FEB UB is Member Conference (MUSANG). Where the agenda has been set in the AD and ART as a report of accountability. This agenda is carried out with the aim as a forum for evaluation of the work programs that have been running at the same time as regeneration to elect the general chair of the LSME and daily administrators for the next period, and make plans for the future that can develop thoughts, and the good name of LSME by always working in the world of writing.


Member Conference (MUSANG) LSME FEB UB will be held two days in a row, namely on November 22 to November 23, 2019. This agenda is located in the BRI Seminar Room on the 3rd floor of the FEB UB Main Building, and is participated by all FEB students UB, which is listed as a member of LSME FEB UB. This weasel has two sequences namely on the first set on Friday, discussing AD and ART. Then it was continued on Saturday for the second series, namely the accountability report from the chairman, secretary, and treasurer of LSME, as well as the accountability report from various departments in the management of LSME FEB UB. The department in question is, Sekad Department, Human Resources, PNP, Entrepreneurship, and Public Relations Department. Then proceed with the election of the Chairperson of LSME FEB UB and the 2019 daily management.