Music Roots 2017

Kuliah Umum Kebijakan Makroprudensial Bank Indonesia
11 December 2017
Out Ward Bound (OWB)
13 December 2017


Music Roots 2017 work program was held on 10 December 2017 and located at Monopoly, Soekarno Hatta, Malang. This event was attended by all members of Homeband FEB UB and also invitee from Homeband FISIP, Homeband FH, Homeband FIA, and Homeband FT from Brawijaya University. Music Roots 2017 is an album launching program from Homeband FEB UB for the fourth time, with 16 bands thats attend to present their own made song.

            Music Roots 2017 has presenting several bands that made their own song with good and great arrangement. But, there are still several things that need to be improved from Music Roots 2017 is make more band that could make their owan song with creative arrangment.

            With this Music Roots 2017 work program, we hope each band from Homeband FEB UB can upgrade their teamwork on compose their own band song. Other than that, with this Music Roots 2017 work program will be very usefull for development creativity of music in internal Homeband. This happens because each of every band will improve their creativity with form of song.