Muslim Entrepreneur Club FEB UB

Brawijaya University Delegation Succeeded to Achieve Achievement in the National Olympic Games of Islamic Economics 2018
27 April 2018
27 April 2018

Muslim Entrepreneur Club or the abbreviated MEC is a national-level seminar that presents practitioners of Muslim entrepreneurs according to Islamic law in running their business and sharia business consultant. The purpose and purpose of this event is as a means of educating entrepreneurship according to Islamic law and foster the spirit of Entrepreneur according to Islamic Shari’ah especially for students who later can give manfat for social life of Indonesian society. Because basically the students are the agents of change change in this country who will hold the leadership relay in the future. While the target, the students in the national scope, especially students FEB UB. The event was organized by the Forum for Islamic Studies and the Environment (FORSTILLING) and the Center for Islamic Economic Studies (CIES) by appointing “Self Empowerment to Reach Wealthiness under Islamic Guidance”.

MEC will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2018 and housed in the F Building Hall 7th floor of the Faculty of Economics and Business. The event will start at 08.00 – 14.25. Later will be divided into 2 sessions, namely session 1 at 09.00 – 11.00 with speakers of practitioners who are entrepreneurs in running their business according to Islamic Shari’a and session 2 at 12.30 – 14.15 with the speaker of a sharia business consultant. For registration of participants starting from Thursday, May 26, 2018 to Thursday, May 3, 2018 in the basement FEB UB and online.

Contact Person :

  1. Kandik Mushaf (085740975024/kandik_khan)
  2. Muchammad Alba (085889533575/ alba521)
  3. Nazila Putri (083835394540/ _nazilaa)