National Working Conference (MUKERNAS) XII The Indonesian Student Press Association (PPMI)

Public Speaking Training 2018: Good Speaker For Future Leader
25 November 2018
National Working Conference (MUKERNAS) XII The Indonesian Student Press Association (PPMI)
26 November 2018

National Working Conference (MUKERNAS) XII The Indonesian Student Press Association
(PPMI) is an annual agenda carried out by all members of the student press who are members
of PPMI. This year, the agenda was held on 23-26 November 2018 and took place at the Family
Hotel. On November 23, 2018, it began with registration for MUKERNAS participants, located at
Campus I of IAIN Ponorogo. The first day of this activity was quite conducive even though it was
a little late than the scheduled time. Then all participants and organizers departed together
towards Ngebel Lake with an interval of approximately one hour. In the afternoon, when I
arrived at the location, all participants took breaks, prayers and ate together while waiting for
the next agenda. In the evening, a book review was carried out under the title “My Religion Is
On November 24, 2018, participants were spoiled by Reog Ponorogo dances and various
other cultures. The next agenda is the presentation of journalism material from PPMI and PPMI
alumni. In the evening, all participants entered the initial phase of the core agenda of
MUKERNAS, namely the discussion of the order and the election of the presidium which lasted
quite hot so that it took until midnight.

Sunday, November 25, 2018 is the peak series of MUKERNAS. Time that is not in
accordance with the schedule is a separate obstacle, but it did not dampen the enthusiasm of
the participants. The things discussed are the PPMI work program, exposure to conditions from
each city, and press conditions in Indonesia.
The last day, 26 November 2018, all participants from the MUKERNAS activity prepared
to return to their hometown. At 10:00 WIB, the participants were accommodated by the PPMI
committee to immediately leave the Family Hotel and head to the Dolopo terminal.
The hardship that was hampered also gave its own impact for the Malang City delegation.
This has an impact on changes in accommodation both departure and return. As long as the
activity took place, changes in rundown also resulted in the activity schedule getting back and
forth from the schedule that had been determined. From the obstacles that have occurred, it is
expected that in the next activity the committee will provide clarity on accommodation so that
there will be no misunderstanding from the participants or the committee.