29 November 2018
1 December 2018

To thank the presence of Allah SWT, Rabb of the worlds, is gracious and merciful. Only He is entitled to be worshipped and only to him again we are entitled to ask help. Hopefully we are always in a straight path, the way people – those who have been given grace by him is not the way of those on whom is the wrath of Him. Sholawat and greeting will be always poured out to our best motivators Rasullullah SAW, along with the family, friends and the people who always follow him till the day of judgment.

All ‘Bout Girl or commonly called ABG is one of the Work Program of the Keputrian Bureau which is held every Friday during Friday prayer compilation by Student Autonomous Institution in Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya namely Forum of Islam and Environment (Forstilling) as a forum for Muslim students of FEB UB to deepen the Islamic sciences especially those related to women. In addition, in the ABG also Muslim students in FEB UB supported and facilitation to train and develop soft skills of Muslim women to be more skilled. There are two forms of activities in ABG, namely; Softskills Review and Development.

The first study of the 2018 ABG as the Opening Ceremony was held at the Hall of the 3rd floor of the Main Building of FEB UB on March 2, 2018 which was also attended by Muslim students, the material presented by Ms. Anna (Ummu Mas Jawwadurrahman). Before submission of material by the relevant ustadzah, the reading of the Qur’anic verses at the beginning of the activity is a must. After the delivery of the material is complete, followed by a discussion session between the participants and come. After the question and answer session is complete, the event was closed at around 17.30 WIB.


ABG activities are held every Friday which starts on March 2 to November 30, 2018 at Surau Ash-Shodaqoh or Basement or the Main Building of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya. By providing interesting material and speakers, which are needed by Muslim students at KM FEB. As one of the programs in the development of soft skills, ABG held training in sewing sewing, making bross, bookmarks, and key chains from flannel cloth and making fruit salads. Closing ABG on November 30, 2018 with the theme of building the Qur’ani generation and its speaker is Aida, the first winner of the 2018 Indonesian hafidz along with the mother, with the talkshow concept rather than the study as well as a comfortable atmosphere and very interesting delivery, the participants can ask freely.