7 April 2019
Battle and Lead in Accounting Competition (BALANCE) 2019
7 April 2019

Altar Service Training held by PMK Maleakhi on 23 February, 7 March, and 7 April 2019 has a very good result. The event team and other board really prepare for this event properly. The members of PMK Maleakhi came together with the aim to understand the true meaning of service. The participants began to gather at the gazebo FEB around 11:00 am. Departure of participants coordinated by a team transkoper by compiling a list of names of the participants who took the motorcycle with a no. When all come together then went to the place of destination.               Around 11:30 am all members of PMK Malachi reached the site carried out his activities Waitress Training at Home Perkantas Altar is located at Jalan Taman Wilis. Then, the participants started to listen to worship circumstances regarding the service. Afterwards, worship begins at 12:00 am in which the late hours of the initial plan. After the service, the participants then participants eat food that has been provided by the committee. During 30 minutes of break time, finally the show continued with the training session, participants were divided into two major groups: group Worship Leader and Playing. It is divided by the talent possessed by the participants
Then, the participants started to listen to the guidance given by the particapant of alumni who have long service as WL or musician. During the 2-hour guidance, participants were very enthusiastic. Seen from the number of questions given to the alumni. After that, the participants were divided into 9 smaller teams to practice become altar servers. Previously, participants goes to practice before appearing about 15 minutes. Then, all of the serves also showed the talent that they have in front of other participants. Many of the participants who already understand the importance of service and were more confident when in the presence of many people. After that, finally completed and closed the event with a photo session and finally the participants return home each. In the end we would like to thank to the team who have contributed to the success of the event this Altar Services Training . God bless.