News Event Sending Delegation Futsal Men Team Faculty Of Economic And Bussines Brawijaya University in FE UNJ CHAMPIONSHIP 2019

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24 September 2019
26 September 2019

Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University held a prestigious event entitled ” FE UNJ CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 “. These activities include basket, futsal and band championships, between active students in National. This year, has the theme of “Grand Festival 3.0”. FE UNJ CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 is held on 21-22 October 2019. The event was held in Gelangggang Olahraga Wira Yuda, Jakarta Timur


Saweri Gading as one of the Semi-autonomous Institution of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya sends Men Futsal Team consisting of 15 players, 1 manager, 1 assistant coach and 1 coach. To follow the tournament this time our Team had prepared well, we training for 2 months with a structured program of coaching team. We have also prepared physically and techniques. Our hope with the exercises that have been done we can get a title which will bring the good name of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya.


October 20, 2019 Representatives from Saweri Gading took part in the Technical Meeting (TM) for the Putra Team at FE UNJ Ged.A. In the TM explained the provisions and rules of inter-Faculty futsal championship in the National “FE UNJ CHAMPIONSHIP 2019”. Besides that, it was also explained about the rules of futsal matches that followed the rules of futsal internationally (futsal rules set by FIFA). In the TM also explained the match system that is the League system and then taken 4 teams with the top class for the simifinal.


Date of Match Result

October 21, 2019 FEB-UB vs STMI 6-3

October 21, 2019 FEB-UB vs FE UNJ A 4-4

October 22, 2019 FEB-UB vs UHAMKA 9-3

October 22, 2019 FEB-UB vs FE UNJ B 6-1

October 22, 2019 FEB-UB vs GUNADARMA 12-1

October 23, 2019 FEB-UB vs UHAMKA 1-2

In the national inter-Faculty men’s competition (Active Student) in the “FE UNJ Championship 2019”, the men’s futsal team won the results as a semifinalist because there was no competition for 3rd place. The following is the sequence of champions:

 Champion I won by FE UNJ A

 Champion II won by UHAMKA

 Semifinalists: FEB UB, STMI

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