News Event Syiar Eksyar MIT

Konsinyering PKM FEB UB 2020
17 November 2019
Fokus Target
18 November 2019

MIT Syiar is a form of student activity organized by the Student Autonomous Institute at the Faculty of Economics & Business, Universitas Brawijaya, the Center for Islamic Economic Studies (CIES). MIT Syiar is a series of activities that presen t objective and accurate information and knowledge discourse related to Islamic economics to the academic community of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya and the general public. By presenting the Magazine and Wall Magazine (Mading ) , it is expected to be able to endeavor to enrich the readers’ discourse by presenting information, knowledge, and related news about the development of the Islamic Economy. The series of MIT Syi’ar activities began with the mandatory editorial meeting wh ich was conducted four times in a period of 4 times in one month. The initial stage of determining the theme, which has then been determined namely with the theme “Retail Sharia”. Jobdesk is divided into 2 parts namely journalism and editors. Journalism be gan interviews with three Sharia – based retail companies, the Smesco Al – Hikam cooperative, the second at the Jajan Alfatih Park, and the third Preksu Soekarno Hatta. Then add articles made by young staff of CIES. Design training was carried out with the t heme “Deliver Da’wah Trough Design”. The first design training began with material on how to edit images with words using Photoshop. Then the second material continued with videography material using premiere pro. The number of participants has fulfilled t he quota, and the material taught is still easy because it touches the basics of the design world. Then the second design training went up to the next level, which was to make the event poster. So from the two series of design training, it is expected that the design training participants can implement their knowledge in making quotes as the implementation of the first design training series and make dakwah posters as the second implementation of the design training series.