News of FoSSEI XVII National Conference Proposal Activities

21 September 2019
STAMPARTY to the Infinity and Beyond
21 September 2019

FoSSEI or the abbreviation of the Forum of Islamic Economics Studies is a forum for forums from all Islamic economic groups throughout the University of Indonesia. FoSSEI has been established since 2000. And this FoSSEI National Conference this year is the seventeen National Conference, in this National Conference activities are various national seminars from several speakers related to Islamic financial institutions and also academics who are experts in the field of Islamic economics. At the National Conference there was also an Accountability Report from the previous FoSSEI management for the next presidential election.

The series of National Conference events itself lasted for four days which ended with a fieltrip to tours in Jakarta. This year’s National Conference was held at Yarsi University. This activity is carried out every year as a form of friendship between KSEI-KSEI throughout Indonesia. Universitas Brawijaya itself prefers from KSEI CIES FEB UB to be represented by Achmad Fauzan Fajar as the chairman of CIES to facilitate this activity. It is hoped that with this activity between KSEI in all universities in Indonesia and remains full.