News on Organizatiopnal Development Activities 1

24 March 2019
24 March 2019

Right on Sunday, March 24, 2019 yesterday, 30 members of HMP FEB UB left for
Bedengan, Malang, to take part in Organizational Development activities. 1. Arriving at
Bedside at 08.00, all HMP FEB UB members prepared OD 1. After that was done
opening of the event by the chairman of HMP FEB UB. Then the distribution of snack
consumption is carried out by the consumption division. At 09.00, the event began with
games 1. In games 1, the event division divided participants into 3 groups. Before starting
games 1, each group presents their respective yells. Games 1 began with 3 people
approaching the balloon and handing out the balloon to his friend, who was ready with
spoons and marbles. Participants who brought spoons and marbles to the participants who
were ready to eat 3 boiled eggs. This game ends at 10:00. Next starts games 2. Games 2
starts with 2 people from each group holding a rope to the side that has been set by the
game instructor, namely the shoulders, waist and knees. Then each participant in each
group passed the rope by lying down and not touching the rope. This game ends at 10:30.
Followed by the third game, namely games to insert nails in the bottle. Perminan begins
with binding 4 raffia straps to the waist of 4 participants and 1 person as a command to
put nails into the bottles that have been provided in each group. This game ends at 11.00.
Then proceed with the Tom & Jerry game where there is one participant as Tom and one
participant as Jerry. As for the other participants holding hands in a circle to protect
participants who acted as Jerry so that they were not eaten by participants who acted as
Tom. Right at 11:15, all participants gathered in the Bedengan hall for reading the
winners, sharing with the previous period HMP FEB UB committee leaders, taking
photos together, and closing the event. Exactly at 12.00 the event finished and all
participants returned to their respective places.