Mahasiswa FEB Beradu dalam DOYE 2019
24 July 2019
World Invention Creativity Olympic yang ke-8 (WICO)
27 July 2019

            Brawijaya Economic Choir is one of the Semi-autonomous Institution (LSO) in the Faculty of Econnomics and Business engaged in the choir. The desire to develop the choir skills to be a better team is the goal for Brawijaya Economic Choir to hold a routine rehearsal.

This routine rehearsal has some spesific aims to increase the skills of the team, voice group, or as individuals. Activities that has to be done during rehearsal including breathing techniques, sound producing techniques, word pronounciation techniques, and choreography practice.

The target of this routine rehearsal is for supporting one of Brawijaya Economic Choir’s vision which is forming a formidable and qualified chorus team so can participate in a choir competition that will come either at the university level, regional, and national even in international to achieve a good achievements. This routine rehearsal phase 1 is held to prepare the team in the international level at “Kuala Lumpur International Choir Competition 2019” in June 2019. The planned schedule of this rehearsal is as follows:

Activites Time Place Day, Hour
Routine Rehearsal Phase 1 Februari – Juli 2019

1. February (16 days)

2. March (15 days)

3. April (22 days)

4. May (15 days)

5. June (12 days)

6. July (16 days)

Hall of A Building/ Hall of D Building/ Hall of F Building/ Hall of Main Building/ Main Building floor 1 (BRI)/ West Room of 3rd Floor Main Building – Faculty of Economics and Business Monday – Friday

at 6 – 9 pm

Saturday – Sunday

At 2 – 6 pm