Obrolan Perkara Tematik di Bawah Pohon Rindang, Aksi Nyata untuk Bangsa

Marketing Communication Strategy
2 April 2018
Kontinuitas Kebijakan
3 April 2018

Indonesia is one of those countries  that grows quite rapidly. As shown from the aspect of economy, culture, education, demography, human resources in Indonesia fundamentally there aren’t many differences if compared to other developing countries. Indonesia could switch these aspects in order to make the nation’s goals and ideals achieveable . The problem is that the Indonesian people  lack of sensitivity and awareness. Every time when a problem appears, the public start to accuse and say that there are certain parties that are not doing there work properly and the public believes that they are the cause, although, the society didn’t try to analyze in depth why the problem appeared, analyzing the stakeholders that are involved and seek for solutions for the problem. This is one of the obstacle factors and as a result, the country cannot move forward. In addition, one of the most important factor is  crisis of leadership. Leaders now are only leaders, not what a leader should be. This means they are only bearing there status as a leader, yet learders now are unable to perform there role as a leader.

Viewed from the above, we as the younger generation have got to do something to improve the quality of this nation. We as students have three essential role in society, they are the agent of change, the agent of control, and iron stock. If we as students can be optimized, then we can become the driving force that encourage major change for the nation. Ironically, the occurrence among students now is a phenomenon of apathetic behaviour. They don’t care what’s happening in this country. Issues that are increasing in this nation, for them its just a wind passing by and believing that everything will be okay. This condition is worrying because these students are the new generations of leaders which will rise the nation from the adversity. The task of a student is not only studying, but also implementing the role of a student. Therefore, we as the Student Executive Board, through the Ministry of Research and Strategic Action, wants to open the eyes and minds of students to be more concerned with the people and try to encourage students to be able to think scientifically in finding solutions to the problems that occur in this nation through our work program named RAPAT DPR. We hope, through this research we may also improve the knowledge of students outside university knowledge. Purpose and Objectives this event:

  1. The pursuit of potential students outside the lecture material.
  2. Adding insight and knowledge about science being cultivated.
  3. Cultivate critical activities, scientific and solutions.
  4. Increase the sensitivity to issues that are emerging both within the campus and the broader scope such as regional and national level.
  5. Build awareness of students about the importance of the role of students through scientific activities to reduce the phenomenon of apathy.


This activity will be held on:

Issue Corner

Time: Every Wednesday at 18:00 to 21:00

Venue: FEB UB


  • Date: Week 9 May 2018 (SECTION 1)
  •          Week 25 September 2018 (SECTION 2)
  •          Week 4 December 2018 (SECTION 3)
  • Time: 12:00 to 15:00
  • Place: Basement FE

Warta tempel

Time: Every Month

And this activity is attended by all representatives of Autonomous Institutions and Semi Autonomous Institutions in FEB, all FEB students and representatives of BEM faculty in Universitas Brawijaya.

Name / Address Contact

Tazky Theosofi / Economic 2016 / 165020107111032 / 081319990294