Organization Training with the Concept of Kinship

24 March 2019
Organizational Training with Super Hero Concepts
24 March 2019

Organization Training is an activity with the aim of giving debriefing in the form of education and training for members. This is intended so that every manager and member of the organization has the potential that is appropriate and knows the organization better, so that they can contribute according to what has been agreed upon by the regulations in the organization.

               As one of the autonomous institutions that feels within the scope of the Student Executive Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya, Economics and Business Dance Club (EDC) also participates in every artistic and cultural activity. With competition and the goal of developing creativity, it is expected that EDC members can develop, exchange knowledge, practice and demonstrate their abilities in the EDC organization training training. This is important because of EDC’s desire to maintain and improve the achievements previously achieved.

               The Organizational Training held by EDC aims at the two points above, not only to increase the contribution of EDC 2019 administrators and members but also to develop creativity, improve skills and knowledge about EDC and dance in running the organization. So that the future hope of EDC management in 2019 can be to foster, carry out responsibilities as members, and achieve high achievements for EDC and the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya from their contributions.

               EDC 2019 Organization Training (OT) is held on Friday until Sunday, March 22-24 2019, starting at 12.00 WIB until completion and taking place at FEB UB. This year’s EDC Organization Training (OT) raises the theme of “Family”. It is hoped that with this theme Organization Training activities will be warmer and more memorable for the administrators and EDC members.

               The Organization Training activity is not only filled with material on how to achieve good organizational management but also there is a discussion of EDC history which aims to remind the importance of maintaining EDC’s achievements going forward, some exciting games and of course the performance of all EDC members where the stage will featuring dances from 4 genres that EDC has, namely traditional, modern, hiphop and cover dance. The four dance genres were combined but did not forget to add elements of kinship to fit the theme of the OT EDC 2019 program and included challenges for EDC members to develop their respective creativity.