Organizational Training with Super Hero Concepts

Organization Training with the Concept of Kinship
24 March 2019
24 March 2019

Organizational Training (OT) The Economic and Business Dance Club (EDC) of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya is one of the activities aimed at improving the skills, knowledge and skills of the 2019 Economic and Business Dance Club (EDC) management in each organization. With the hope that the management in 2019 together with members can contribute according to the regulations that have only achieved the goals of the organization better, organized and achieved higher achievements to facilitate EDC and Universitas Brawijaya.

               The Organizational Training held by EDC was held on March 22-24 2019. This activity was attended by 80 active members of EDC FEB UB, and started on Friday March 22, 2019 starting at 12.00 WIB which began with opening the committee, coaches, and participants in the basement of FEB UB who then participated by directing participants to the Ged Hall. D. This family-themed program took place smoothly and pleasantly for the committee, presenters and participants.

               The event began with a speech from the chief executive, Endah Rekno Palupi, as the opening and presentation of the material, and then the participants were given time by the trainer to rest, pray and eat. EDC and the trainers who are alumni of the EDC management consisting of 2015 level leaders. The trainers here have a goal to complete the history of EDC and discuss leadership and communication within the organization, while the EDC general chairman explained the EDC rules of association so that all members and EDC management in 2019 can understand new rules and regulations and can contribute more organized and establish more solid relationships so that the EDC work program can be well protected for the next one year of the management period.

               This activity was attended by 80 active members of EDC FEB UB and divided into several groups to display a pensi where it must display a creative choreography and flashmob designed by super hero. From the pension held in the Organizational Training activities, participants will gain new knowledge and creativity in making their own dance and choreography which is expected to be used for EDC’s additional choreography as a form of this 2019 contribution.

               On Saturday the event starts at 11.00 WIB and begins with the arrival of all members of the EDC, then continues with rest and prayer. In the next session there was the opening of the event on the 2nd day by the trainers and continued with exploratory activities. Exploring this movement is one of the dancing activities without the rules of the movement. The purpose of this activity is to increase participants’ insight into the world of dance and also increase the independence of EDC members. Then it was followed by alumni sharing where alumni were invited to share with EDC 2019 members about the history and achievements of EDC in the past.               The last day of OT EDC 2019 began with morning exercise at 6.30 which was then followed by outbound and roaming, outbound and roaming. The aim was to improve teamwork and leadership including team games, jumping rope together, and the game of moving islands. The purpose of this outbound is to realize the value of team building and leadership (leadership), social responsibility (team sensitivity), team work (teamwork), responsibility and divine values. And at the end of the event participants who have got the most points from the whole game are given attractive rewards from the committee. After that the participants are given time to clean themselves up and prepare before pensi. Next is the pensi performance, this event starts at 12:30 and continues with the announcement and presentation of prizes. Before the event ended, the committee together with all participants and trainers did clean-up and shared photos where it was hoped that this would be able to strengthen each other. The event then ends at 16.00 WIB

Contact Person

  1. Aulia Yuninda Sasmita (083832060969)
  2. Endah Rekno Palupi (085646408642)
  3. Ayunda Firdaus Chusnul Habiba (085804075422)