Penyambutan Keluarga Baru KMK FEB UB
25 October 2017
Merajut Cukai Rokok
27 October 2017

Student Press Agency (LPM) Indicator is one of the forum for UB Faculty of Economics and Business students (FEB UB) to improve intellectual ability, as well as add insight. In addition to explore the field of journalism, students also learn to organize, including team work and gotong royong. Students perform role as agent of change and agent of control. Therefore, intellectual support of intellectual thinking must grow in line with the development that occurs in society. Students are required to have a social sensitivity to the surrounding environment.

            One of the LPM Indicator programs is to organize Out Ward Bound (OWB), as a follow up of the previous activities of Indicators of Journalism Today (IJT) which is participated by all members of Indicator 2017. This activity will be held on 17-19 December 2017 after obtaining journalistic theory during the IJT, all members of the Indicator are required to apply it directly to the community in the OWB. This activity will train social sensitivity and hone the journalistic ability of all members of Indicator 2017. Because during the implementation of OWB, all members will observe the life of the community and then pour it in writing. The process of making articles that meet journalistic writing standards will be accompanied by members of the old Indicator. In addition to its role as a mentor, members of the old Indicator also oversee the activity to be effective and not deviate from its original purpose.

            In connection with the implementation of this OWB, it is expected that all members of Indicators can add insight and experience, especially about journalism, and later able to become a professional journalist and sensitive social.