Out Ward Bound (OWB)

Music Roots 2017
11 December 2017
13 December 2017

One of the LPM Indikator programs that have been implemented is Out Ward Bound (OWB), as a follow-up of the previous activities of Today’s Journalism Indikator (IJT) which is followed by all Indikator members 2017. After the theory theory during IJT, all Indikator members are required to apply by plunging directly into the community in OWB. This activity is specific to train social sensitivity and hone the journalistic ability of all members of Indikator 2017. Because during the implementation of OWB, all members are trained to give birth to community life then put it into writing. The process of making articles that meet journalistic writing standards will be accompanied by members of the old indikators. In addition to its role as a mentor, members of the old Indikator also of course activities to be effective and not deviate from the original purpose.

            OWB activities conducted around the campus was able to accommodate what is needed by learning activities, such as the community around the campus as a resource and also the land as refreshing arena and all campus facilities that can be utilized Indikator members.

            The OWB agenda begins with providing materials on how to write using engineering features, and with the sharing of the team of author and editor teams, the team of authors comprises indikators of force 2017 and the editors or SPV members are members of the old indikators. After the members mastered the technique of writing the feature, on the second day carried out the excavation of ideas and continued with the writing and notes of potential sources. After the candidate informant is clear, members of the team of writers look for data with direct reportage to the community around the campus as a resource person. After getting the desired data, forwarded with written data that has been obtained and directly edited after completion by the editor. Finish edited, then writing and continued with the holding of ishoma (rest prayer and eat).

            On the third day, there is a morning gymnastics and intelligent game that can add insight related to the world of journalism as well as the structure and culture in the Indikator. In connection with the implementation of this OWB, it is expected that all members of Indikators can add insight and experience, especially about journalism, and ready to become professional journalist and sensitive to social environment of society.