Penabur International Choir Festival 2017 (PICF 2017).

1 November 2017
1 November 2017

Brawijaya Economis Choir is one of the Semi-autonomous Institution (LSO) in the Faculty of Economics and Business engaged in the choir. Developing the choir skills to be a better team is the goal for Brawijaya Economic Choir to participate on Penabur International Choir Festival 2017.

This delegation has some specific aims to increase the skills of both teams, voice group, or as individuals. And also we carry the name of our faculty to pursue better and get some good achievement.

Participants who follow this activity are members of Brawijaya Economic Choir class of 2013 – 2016. As for the preparation that has been done by PICF participants is routine training during April – June 2017. After the Eid holiday, routine training starts again on 17 July 2017 until D-1 departure. Routine training held 4 times a week at 18.30 – 21.00. However, at the time of fasting routine training started on 19.30 – 21.30. Routine training Routine Training located on the 3rd floor od main building, and sometimes on the 1st floor in front of the lift led by one professional coach and assistant coach from coaching division by students.

At 4th September 2017, the participants went to North Jakarta with bus about 24 hours. After arrived at 5th September 2017, the participants did a warmed up and vocalizing for the Stage Test in the Hall of POP Hotel Kelapa Gading where we’re sleep in. Therefore, the Stage Test we did take a time about 10 minutes in all categories. At Sacra Song, the stage when we sang was all out the expectation because the voice that came out from our mouth was can not blended well and the volume was not loud. It was different for Mixeed Yout category, the stage was supported our voice very well. Until that time, the participants felt unconfident, maybe because the stage of Sacra Song.

At the 6th September 2017, the participants got ready starts from breakfast and make-up. Before that, the committee of PICF already take car of the post where the participants did their make-up. After the preparation more over 3 hours, the participants did the warmed up and vocalizing with coach. Almost a half of the participants felt so nervous, maybe because they were a new singer and this was the 1st time they join the competition. Finally, for the competition of Mixed Youth, BEC sang 2 songs that so difficult. There were so many alumni of BEC and participants’s family to supported us.The judges were from England, Australia, Singapore and the great composer of Indonesia. After showed up, singers felt already gave the optimal result.

At 7th September 2017, the participants prepared for category Sacra Song in GKI Kayu Putih. The participants gave all the best for this category because of the Stage Test before that not satisfactory. This competition followed by so many Choir from University and Faculty, also from Phillipine and Malaysia.

At 8th September 2017, delegation of BEC had a free time and played at Taman Bermain Dufan all day long. After that, the participants had a dinner at Kota Tua Jakarta and talked about the feelings after competition.

The next day, 9th September 2017, the participants went to Penabur Bekasi for the Awarding Ceremony. From all the category, there were so many participants of Penabur that got the Gold Medal. And then, finally the announcement of the winner from category Mixed Youth was out. BEC got the 4th Place with 78,30 point, Silver Medal. After that, the announcement of category Sacra Song was out too. BEC got the 4th Palace with 82,03 point, Gold Medal. The euphoria of the competition was very satisfying. For the first time, singers felt that Sacra Song were too difficult and unconfident, but the fact that singers can got the Gold Medal.

Thankyou for Allah SWT for His permissions and the blessings, because of that delegation of Brawijaya Economic Choir got the tremendous achievement. For ther first time joined International Competition, Brawijaya Economic Choir got the Gold Medal. Also, thankyou so much for The Faculty of Economy and Bussiness, alumni of BEC and Big family of BEC for the supports. Hopefully, in the next event or competition, BEC will do the the best. Amin.