Inauguration and Delivery of CSR Executive Lounge By Dutagaruda

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4 May 2018
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5 May 2018

Malang – Wednesday (2/5) has held the inauguration ceremony and the handover of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Executive Lounge by Dutagaruda in Main Building of 8th floor of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. The event was attended by Muhammad Ikhsan (President Director of PT Dutagaruda Piranti Prima) and several other Dutagaruda representatives, as well as the Dean of FEB UB and other senior officials.

PT Dutagaruda Piranti itself is a company that provides professional service Outsourcing and professional manpower manager (man Power). The company is owned by Dana Pensiun Garuda Indonesia.

Drs. Nurkholis, M.Buss., Ak., Ph.D explained that the Minister of Research and Technology Dikti declared and hoped that some top universities can enter the “Top 500” and which is expected to be the mainstay in Indonesia there are 11 campuses, and UB is one of them.

To enter the World Class ranking, several efforts have been made, ranging from improving the quality of teaching and learning, publications, research activities, and improvement of facilities and infrastructure that can meet international standards.

“We will also improve the process of teaching and learning activities, so improvement efforts should continue to be done. Our tagline is simple, continues improvement. Improvement in all areas, ranging from teaching and learning activities, research and facilities of international standard, “said Nurkholis.

Muhammad Ikhsan also claimed to be proud to partner with Universitas Brawijaya. “We on behalf of the company are proud to partner with Brawijaya, hopefully this can be a good start for us, and hopefully can contribute to the Faculty of Economics” he explained.

The event was followed by the signature of the handover news report by the Dean of FEB UB and Dutagaruda. After this signing, the Executive Lounge has been officially submitted by Dutagaruda to the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. Then the ribbon cutting was done as a symbolic dedication of Executive Lounge Dutagaruda. And end with prayer and eat together.