Photo Exhibition activities 2017

(Indonesia) Pembekalan KKN-P Mahasiswa Ilmu Ekonomi Dibalut dengan Training of Trainers (ToT) OJK
30 August 2017
Freeport, What’s Next?
4 September 2017

LPM Indikator is a autonomous institutions that contributes in journalism in Faculty Economy and Business University Brawijaya (FEB UB). Indikator is a media for campus society FEB UB. A side of publishing agency, nevertherless indikator is also a development agency that develop college student related soft skill. To fulfil the work program Indikator, then we held a Photo Exhibition activities. Under the editor in chief, the work program has been agreed upon a large group of Indikator. We thought this activity is necessary, because it relates to vision and mission Indikator itself. The purpose of photo Exhibition Activity is to introduce journalistic photography to the academic community of FEB UB and to cause to emerge the interest of FEB UB academic community to journalistic photography.

The time and place of Exhibition of Photo activiets is 25 september 2017 at Basement FEB UB. This event has its own target, which  is the achievement of a knowledge of the civitas academica of journalistic photography and growing knowledge to journalitic photography. We hope this activity will be held as planned.