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10 July 2015
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14 July 2015

Photography is part of the art. Art can be defined to something human-created containing elements of beauty. Photography is the art or process of earnings picture and glow on the film. Most major art in photography is the composition of a good composition, so that the resulting photo will have meaning and a story that could be delivered. While the Videography is a medium for recording a moment/events are summarized in a dish of image and sound that we can enjoy in the future both as a memorable or as a quiz to learn what’s been/never happened. In line with the development of safe and the technology of photography and videography has spread to all corners of the world and in various fields of life. Photos are always interesting to be seen or observed. In addition to more catchy than the writing, a photo has a high documentation for being able to record something that mugkin do not happen again. Through the photos also can be an object interested in news, sports, food, drinks even to related in terms of the economy. While we can capture video with a variety of events around the us, creating a diverse work and media that not only can be viewed, but also heard. With it, we can tell a story, share information, entertaining, pass on knowledge, even affecting the others. Hence was born the phrase images and videos that are able to represent in terms of – related things. Not many of the people around us who have developed the skill of photography and videografinya and produce works – works. But many of those who still belong to learn.

In this case HMJIE (the set of Students majoring in Economics)  as container of students is the autonomous institutions  administered by the Executive Board of students of the Faculty of  Economics and business of the University  of  Brawijaya  see that seminars and also the exhibition of photography is crucial for society in general and students are also students in particular.



Indonesia Tourism for Better Economics




In general the objectives to be achieved through this activity is to enhance the role of the students, particularly the administrators HMJIE FEB-UB in developing a personal mandatefor carrying out his task in a container of the instituiton or organization so that the imagine of HMJIE FEB-UB future expected to be increasing.

As for the specific purpose to be achieved through this activity, namely:

  1. Provide containers for lovers of photography and short films to develop talents that are      owned
  2. Provide insight into photography and short films to be implemented in the workplace.
  3. Gain from the experience of science presenters.
  4. See business opportunities in the world of photography and film.
  5. Become the awaited annual event in hmjie work programme in particular and in the city of malang.




Day/date: Saturday, 2 & Friday – 3 October 2015

Place       : Basement of the Faculty of Economics and business UB

Time       : 09.00 – 20.15


Day/date: Saturday, October 3, 2015

Venue     : Hall D F

Time       : 09.00 – 18.00




“PHOSE 2015


Rundown of the exhibition, the 2nd of October 3 & 2015

1 09.00-10.00 Preparatory Committee
2 10.00-13.00 Photo exhibition
3 13.00-14.00 First session exhibition of short films (5 short films)
4 14.00-16.00 Photo exhibition & live acoustic
5 16.00-17.00 Exhibition of short films of the second session (5 short films)
6 17.00-18.30 Exhibition Photos
7 18.30-19.00 Live acoustic and closing event

Rundown Workshop, October 3, 2015

1 09.00-10.00 Preparatory Committee
2 10.00-12.30 Photo exhibition
3 12.30-13.00 Registration ofparticipants,directing participants to the workshop andexhibition of photographs and short films
4 13.00-13.10 Opening ceremony
5 13.10-13.15 Opening of the MC
6 13.15-13.45 Opening remarks Chairman, Chairman of the set of economic science, Chairman of the Department of economic sciences
7 13.45-14.00 Introduction to presenters 1 (Novin Raya)
8 14.00-15.15 Materil 1 (“Beauty of Indonesia”)
9 15.15-15.30 Ishoma
10 15.30-15.45 Introduction of presenters 2 ( Ernandha Putra )
11 15.45-17.00 Material 2 (“photography is about exposure, not about camera”)
12 17.00-17.29 Serving incoming Short Film 5 large
13 17.30-17.45 Closing of workshop
14 17.45-18.20 Ishoma and participants directed towards to the exhibition venue
15 18.20-18.45 Game and door prize
16 18.45-19.20 Live band performance
17 19.20-20.15 Announcement of the winner of the photo contest and short films
18 20.15-20.30 Closing phose 2015



Mohammad Redyanto               (083834464886)

Ayu Bella Aprillia D.S. (082245452418)