Practice Makes Perfect

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22 March 2019
23 March 2019

The art of dancing is an art that not only requires high creativity but also requires intense practice to get the best results to obtain dance competencies. As one of the autonomous institutions that are in the relationship of the Student Executive of the Faculty of Economics and Business in Brawijaya, the Economic and Business Dance Club (EDC) also helps in every art activity, therefore we compiled a 2019 Routine Exercise work program to assist the needs of internal institutions Practice with a coach or coach who is great in his field.

            This regular exercise will be held every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday every week, starting from March to the end of the management period, October. This exercise will be held at Basement FEB UB and DnD dance studio in Soekarno Hatta at 7pm to 9pm. During this routine practice members of the Economic and Business Dance will be divided into 5 genres namely Hiphop, Cover, Modern, Traditional and Saman.

            This routine exercise is expected to facilitate EDC members to practice well and win champions in several dance competitions. The great trainers who will teach them are George Wawolangi for the Hiphop and Modern genre, Ibu Sita who will teach traditional and saman genres, and Riskina Rahmawati who will teach the Cover dance genre. The three presenters are indeed famous and often won the previous race. It is expected that with the help of this coach, EDC members can be more creative in exploring new movements, adding ideas, knowledge, adding skills and winning the competition.

            In its implementation, this routine exercise will become 3 major genre concepts which are part of the dance genre which is full of skills. This concept is expected to amaze the judges when the composers and EDC will win the champions again.

Contact Person :

  1. Aulia Yuninda Sasmita (0838-3206-0969)
  2. Rr. Chandra S Mayasari (0852-3322-1139)