Problematika Kepenulisan dalam Substansi Akuntansi

Pelaksanaan Wisuda Periode III T.A. 2017-2018
27 September 2017
Accounting Gathering
29 September 2017

As a forum for self-actualization of Accounting students, Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Akuntansi (HMJA) has an interest and desire to train and improve the ability of Accounting students in the field of writing. Therefore HMJA as a means of development of scholarship and scholarship of accounting students, want to facilitate all accounting students in the event called “Pelatihan Penulisan”.

Pelatihan Penulisan is an event from research and development department on about writing in the scope of accounting. The theme of this event is “Problematika kepenulisan dalam substansi akuntansi”

The discussion on this theme is we, as we watch it difficult for students that will take a thesis in the appointment of programmes on the field of accounting also for students in the beginning of a provision in the future will be very helpful either of the lecture or the other.

In this event we present two speakers from FEB UB lecturer, Mr. Zaki Baridwan and Mr. Ahmad Zaky. In the first session Mr. Zaki Baridwan explained some general writing problems that occur in the students. and continued with the second session delivered by Mr. Ahmad Zaky who describes the problems that exist in the accounting environment and steps to deal with it. This activity was attended by 67 students from Accounting majors, all of whom participated in this activity with great enthusiasm

This event was held on Tusday, 23 May 2017 which is held in the Hall of Building D Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB).

Pelatihan Penulisan of 2017 this time held as rundown we created, in Question and answer session participants can fill the quota to ask  for the three questions in each session. During this activity, there are several constraints that can still be completed.