Faculty of Economics and Business University of Brawijaya (FEB
UB) was established in 27 June 1957 and was named as Malang Economics College (Perguruan Tinggi Ekonomi Malang/ PTEM). An one of the oldest universities in Indonesia, FEB UB has undergone many institutional transformations, which puts forward integrityand professionalism, aimed to create best graduates capable in competing in globalization era.

FEB UB has vision of becoming
an internationally standardized educational institution in the
field of economics and business, possessing spirit in entrepreneurial and awareness in religion, humanity as well as environment. In dealing with the forthcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015, FEB must be able to participate and compete in creating better fresh-graduates and service. Upon the realization of these targets, FEB UB has gone through numerous activities and cooperations with several universities from all over the world and also has achieved accreditation from local (level A,National Accreditation Body) as well as international (ABEST21 and AACSB).

In implementing the objectives
of higher education “tri dharma” (education and learning, research and development similarly community service) FEB UB always supports any improvement efforts and embodiment of innovative activities which are
aimed to provision the points of the
tri dharma. All these are compiled in FEB UB Strategic Plans for the next
10 years (2011-2021), in which the improvement of FEB UB is intended to be capable of facing global competition in international level, and it is all started by strengthening and solidifying
the good governance based on the understanding of local wisdom and shared value enabling to enhance the spirit of self-improvement.

The teaching and learning in FEB
UB are supported by the quality and quantity of its lectures, most of them are graduated from many outstanding universities (domestic and overseas). Furthermore, there are several supporting facilities for teaching
and learning activities moreover
FEB UB prioritizes the improvement and renovation on facilities, such as library and reading rooms, computer laboratories and also supporting devices in every classrooms.

Last but not least, FEB UB will always transforms itself into better and better educational institution, creating best graduates capable of facing global competition and also bringing positive contribution to the society. This transformation is always conducted in the improvement of internal aspects, viz. education, research, and community service. And finally, FEB UB may be able to create better future for students by providing qualified education.