Strategic Plan of FEB 2011-2021

As a modern organization, which at all times put forward its quality, Faculty of Economics and Business University of Brawijaya (FEB UB) always puts good management into service. The good management will assure the organization’s sustainability and progress. Nowadays business world is filled with many changes due to the elevation of competitive level, therefore organisation managenment needs to be placed in strategic base. Moreover the world of education has always een requested to moderenize itself in order to face the existing changes.

The 2011-2021 strategic plan (Renstra) is a managerial device which was compiled to obtain the vision of FEB UB. The renstra will not only be guidance for the development of FEB UB in future but also be benchmark or criterion of desired performance in FEB UB to obtain its vision. The Renstra holds internal and external analisys which tries to identify the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat upon FEB UB. This analysis is useful in determining the suitable strategy for FEB UB by considering the internal and external factors. The performance achievement goal 2011-2021 was then composed based on the framework of Balanced scorecard.

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