6 April 2019
6 April 2019

Gunadarma Shariah Economic Event or abbreviated as GSENT is an event of an Islamic economic race organized by KSEI SEF (Islamic Economic Study Group) with the field of competition namely Islamic economic olympiad. This event is intended for all D3 / S1 students in Indonesia. GSENT is held on April 3-6 2019. Various activities will be held in the series of events. Starting from International seminars, National seminars, economic olympiads, and Student. In this event the theme is “Halal industry, Its Development and Challangers: The implementation of the Maqashid of Shariah in Accelerating Indonesia becomes a Leading Country in Halal Industry”.

In the field of Olympics in the selection there are three stages. The first stage is the preliminary round. In the preliminary round the Olympic participants work on the questions given by the committee. Furthermore, the participants will be re-selected through a study case where at this stage participants are given several questions by the jury based on the situation or problems that are occurring in the economic sphere of Indonesia. In the last selection of the participants in the Forum Group Discussion, in this chapter the participants were met which were divided into several groups with the distribution of pros and cons of the lottery results at the technical meeting night. After going through the three stages, they were selected to be the top 4 to take part in the final stage. In the final round participants will compete by being given a study case and then presented in student conferences to determine the winner.

In addition to the competition event, the other activities are national and international seminars organized by the GSENT committee which will be attended by presenters who are competent in their fields relating to the theme carried out by the committee.