<!–:id–>Puluhan Mahasiswa FEB Sengaja Lepas Beasiswa<!–:–><!–:en–>Dozens of FEB Students Deliberately Let Their Scholarships Off<!–:–>

JPIC : Are you Ready To Get Hired?
28 May 2014
Wisuda Periode VII, Dekan Ingatkan Wisudawan untuk Senantiasa Belajar
31 May 2014

Every year government, through the Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi (Dikti), regularly offers program of academic achievement improvement scholarship (Beasiswa-PPA) and tuition assistance for academic achievement improvement (BPP-PPA). Likewise, FEB has its own, around 200 students. The selection and administrative process was conducted on April through May. However, dozens of FEB students chosen as the grantees, deliberately draw themselves back. These students believed that they are financially capable, thus they have no need for scholarship. The faculty appreciated their doing this, since the scholarships can be diverted to those who need it more.

“Unfortunately there are a number of students doing this without any aforementioned confirmation to the faculty”, said Radityo Putro Handrito, S.E., MM., staff of Vice Dean II. This can be obstacle for the faculty in the process of replacing their scholarship quota toward those who need it more. In future, FEB expects all those willing to let off their scholarship could make confirmation to the FEB deanery.

In the selection procedure for the grantees, the faculty was helped by Students Executive Board– FEB (BEM-FEB). the BEM – FEB students advocacy and  welfare division played active role in the selection procedure of the grantees. So that the faculty obtained the list of students who were worthy of the scholarship.

The distribution process of both Beasiswa-PPA and BPP-PPA grand is a bit different from the previous years. It is not distributed through each faculty, yet it is directly distributed toward the grantees own bank account. (azm/azh)