Organizational Training 2019 : “Realizing members of the HMJM 2019 who uphold integrity through organizational training”
24 February 2019
Budaya Kerja Pemerintahan
26 February 2019

Training organization HMJA 2019 aims to form a valuable HMJA board so in that in the future these administrators can perform the function of HMJA as facilitator of accounting students in Faculty of Economis and bussiness, Brawijaya University as well as possible. Training needs to be done gradually, but sustainable so that the value which want to be planted stronger inherent.

The event was held in three series. The first series was the Working Meeting. This activity held on Saturday, February 16th, 2019 which is held in A3 Hall FEB UB, and attended by 83 officer of HMJA for this period. This activity aims to introduce each department and their officer in HMJA FEB UB.

The second, was Indoor Training Organization, held on Sunday, February 17th, 2019 which is located in the basement of Building E FEB UB. This activity presented the 2015 bacht as the trainers. In the first part of the event there was a small discussion, and in the second session, there was some games played by all the attendance.  The games which is played by the officer of HMJA increase the compactness of the officer and push their mind to think critically which is needed by the officer itself.

The third, is Outdoor Training Organization, which will be held on March, 23th to 24th 2019 in villa in Batu. This series will also present the 2015  bacht as the trainers. The arrangement of events to be held, there are some games which means to make the relationship between administrator become more close, small discussion, and other materials from the trainers who attended. The games that officer played train them to believe each other (officer) and rely on each other, which is important to build a solid officer of HMJA. This Training Organization HMJA 2019 report we are compiled to be used properly.