6 April 2019
Saman Dance, Nusantara Dance
6 April 2019

The PPMI National Leadership Meeting (RAPIMNAS) is an agenda held by the Indonesian Student Press Association (PPMI). This association is intended to discuss the problems that exist in the LPM. This year the RAPIMNAS will be held on April 3 to 6, 2019 in Diklat, Bangka Belitung Province. The National Rapim this time carries the theme “Studying Cultural Tourism in the Country of a Negligent Cluster”. The series of events held were Talk Show, National Leadership Meeting, Nganggung Bumi Serumpun Sebalai, Mining and Tourism Seminar, Focus Group Discussion, PPMI Declaration of Bangka Belitung City Council and Field Trip.

In this discussion, the discussion that was carried out was about tin mining in Bangka Belitung. This discussion discusses mining that does not reclaim the land they dredge so as to create holes that cause casualties. The speaker conveyed how the role of the press in following up on such cases.

The next day, Nganggung the Seralun Sebalai. With the theme of “Studying Cultural Tourism” in the Country of the Unalateral Group. This event introduces the city of Bangka Belitung both in terms of tourism, mining and culinary. Until the end of this activity, it was shown how the Bangka Belitung river could increase its regional income from year to year.

In contrast to the previous two activities, the 4th PPMI RAPIMNAS continued in provini Bangka Belitung training. This assembly is divided into several sections. The first discussion is the accountability report of the National PPMI Management. Then discuss one by one the problems that exist in each LPM throughout Indonesia. Whether it’s those who are members of the PPMI or not.

After the RAPIMNAS was completed, then it was followed by the PPMI DK Bangka Belitung declaration. The declaration brings together LPM in the Bangka Belitung Islands and their activities are broadcast live by PPMI members through Instagram. After the declaration was completed then proceed to the field trip to the beach of Tikus Mas. Tawa canda closed the RAPIMNAS activities in Bangka Belitung