Religious and courtesy in the Saman Dance Competition

Period X Graduation Ceremony of 2018/2019
5 April 2019
6 April 2019

As one of the autonomous institutions within the scope of the Student Executive of the Faculty of Economics and Business, the Economic and Business Dance Club (EDC) also participates in every arts and cultural activity held by Untittled Production Indonesia. The competition is an opportunity for EDC to demonstrate its existence and capabilities, as well as to test the creativity of EDC members. Starting from this desire, EDC tried to maximally raise the name of the Faculty of Economics and Business to maintain what had been achieved before. On April 6, 2019, the EDC Saman dance genre team will take part in a competition called “Seis Dance Modern Generation of Ratoh Jaroe Festival” at UIN Jakarta.

            This competition is a national competition which is attended by all the dancers in Indonesia from students, students and general levels throughout Indonesia. This competition which was held on April 6, 2019 there is no video selection stage. Instead of directly coming to the race venue and dancing a dance that has been prepared after 2 months the EDC delegation team did the exercises. Saman dance is one of the media for message achievement (da’wah). This dance reflects education, religion, manners, heroism, cohesiveness and togetherness. Before the saman began, which was as a mukaddimah or opening, a smart old man or traditional leader appeared to represent the local community (keketar) or useful advice to the players and spectators

            The winner of this competition will be taken 4 winners. Which consists of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and favorite champions. The winner’s assessment comes from compactness, the concept that was delivered, attractive costumes, togetherness and good floor patterns. In addition, for the favorite competition an evaluation will be taken from the most likes of the Instagram post that was posted by the committee. In the “SeisDance Modern Generation of Ratoh Jaroe Festival” competition which was specifically intended for this saman dance, EDC will send a special delegation team consisting of 14 people. Among them are: Endah Rekno Palupi (IE 17), Siti Sholikhatin (Accounting 18), Addina Amalia Anggi (Accounting 18), Amila Aulia Sari (IE 16), Amirah Afani (Accounting 18), Annisa Salsabilla (IE 18), Bunga Putri (IE 17), Eling Shidqi Aswidisukma (Accounting 18), Masyitoh Febriatin Ningsih (Management 18), Nabila Safira Ramadhanty (IE 16), Salma Nurhalida (IE 18), Nariswari Alifathea Jasmine (Accounting 18), Ika Octavia (Management 18) , Ryonti Madhani (Accounting 18).

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