<!–:id–>Sarasehan Bisnis: Sosialisasi Klinik Bisnis kepada Mahasiswa FEB<!–:–><!–:en–>Business Workshop: Business Clinic at Student Socialization FEB<!–:–>

<!–:id–>Workshop & Sosialisasi AIM Siklus 13<!–:–><!–:en–>Workshop & Sosialisasi AIM Siklus 13<!–:–>
15 October 2014
<!–:id–>EBBRAU: FEB Meraih Prestasi Gemilang dalam Pertandingan Basket Olimpiade Brawijaya <!–:–><!–:en–>EBBRAU: FEB Reaching Achievement Gemilang in the Olympic Games Basketball UB<!–:–>
16 October 2014

Sarasehan Bisnis

Malang (11/10) – Business Clinic – Clinical MSME Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB) held a Business Meeting. Located in Building A of this event was attended by students who want to learn FEB start or expand a business was run. The enthusiasm of students to participate in a Business Meeting is quite high. Clinical prime socialization activities to students FEB was attended by 31 students FEB.

Business Workshop is filled with clinical socialization by Dr. A Helmy Djawahir, SE, tips become a successful entrepreneur by Henri SME entrepreneurs from Blitar and information regarding the financing facilities by Mr. colleague David (SBRC). Henry is one of the successful entrepreneurs from Blitar who had also been a guest speaker in a lecture organized by the clinical graduate program FEB.

Dr A Djawahir Helmy said, “The purpose of the establishment of SMEs FEB Clinic itself is integrating program – empowerment program in an effort to increase the competitiveness of SMEs. Which target (participants) are facilitated in Clinical SMEs, public, parties – and in particular the competent authorities for students FEB. ”

Clinical SMEs FEB facilitate students in a variety of activities including, training, Technical Guidance, assistance and consultation, access to capital and marketing, research, advocacy, and monitoring and evaluation. Orientation is a clinical facilitation in Science (Science) and Expertise (Skill), on the basis of technical and managerial. In various activities organized by the Clinical participants will receive materials related to entrepreneurship, business management, business environment, business plans, partnerships and external access and others.

Faculty expect with the SME Business Clinic, students will be more motivated FEB because getting the tools to learn to start a business or develop a business that has long occupied. So it will be more successful entrepreneurs who bermuculan in FEB.