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5 April 2017
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6 April 2017


Strengthening and soft skill formation in the field of entrepreneurship based on Islam is something that is important for a Muslim businessman, which manage a business it requires the ability to lead, organize, and good manage for their business. Therefore they desperately need to develop their potentials and hone skills in business in accordance with Islamic law is based on the Quran and Sunnah  . Therefore, various forms of training and personal development should always be done continuously. So is the background Forstilling (Islamic Studies and Environmental Forum) and CIES (Center Of Islamic Economic Studies) to held the “Moslem Entrepreneur Club 2017with theme activities is “Inspire the young moslem with sociopreneur”. The purpose and objectives this activity is expected to boost morale and inspire the next generation of young Muslims Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB) in the field of entrepreneurship. So it can be a Muslim student FEB momentum to increase the contribution to the social life of Indonesia in the future.

Implementation this activities is on Sunday, 30th April 2017 at 09.00 – 15.00 WIB in  Aula lantai 3 Gedung D. The first speaker is Ustadz Muhammad Yassir, Lc who is the Secretary Prodi Ahwal Syakhsiyyah STDI Syafi’i Jember material content is the introduction sociopreneur in Islamic perspective. Second speaker is from teams of Community Entrepreneurs Without Riba with material content that is how to be a Muslim sociopreneur.

Agenda 30 April 2017

Time Description of Activities
08.30 – 09.00 Registration of participants + motivational video
09.00 – 09.20 Opening of MC (recitations of the Qur’an and the opening prayer)
09.20– 09.30 Message from the Ketua Pelakasana and Ketua Umum
09.30– 09.40 Introduction of Moderators and speakers 1 and 2
09.40– 10.55 Speakers 1
10.55– 11.15 Question and answer
11.15– 11.40 Small Grup Discussion
11.40– 12.30 ISHOMA
12.30– 12.45 Ice Breaking
12.45– 14.00 Speakers 2
14.00– 14.20 Question and answer
14.20– 14.45 Small Grup Discussion
14.45– 15.15 Handing Vandel (closing prayer and important announcements)


Registration of participants

Registration held 29th March – Done 2017

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Contact Person

  1. Rahmad Azani (0822-7231-9307) Ikhwan
  2. Amien Hanifah Amini (0823-2405-4520) Akhwat