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23 September 2014
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24 September 2014


Entrepreneurs are people who do entrepreneurial activity is characterized by clever or talented to recognize new products, determining how the new production, prepare operations for the procurement of new products, market, and manage the capital operations. So an entrepreneur must have the ability to think creatively and imaginatively when there is a business opportunity and a new business. But besides that an entrepreneur should be able to empower themselves for the good of the surroundings, not the people who use the surrounding to his own benefit.

In this era now, where jobs are difficult to obtain, being an entrepreneur is one of the goals of most people, especially students. Given the employment start bit so that the youth are interested in creating new jobs. But the ambition of the students experienced some common problems that often hamper to realize their entrepreneurial ideas. Especially students who do not have basic knowledge or insight on entrepreneurship.

There must be a lot of problems, obstacles or even a question that is on the minds of each person or even a student who will be or have been self-employed. There are three problems that hinder students realize their ambitions. The first problem is ignorance or confusion of what they are going to start a business. Secondly, they already know what will make an effort but they do not know how to get capital. Third, they already know what will make the effort and already have capital but they do not know how to realize the business so that it becomes useful for the business community and also create new jobs.

GRTW (Get Ready to Be Wealthy) is the solution. This event is designed to answer all questions or problems in the world Entrepreneurial particularly experienced students. GRTW is National Entrepreneurship Seminar which is formed from BEM FEB (Faculty of Economics and Business) UB.

This seminar is held every year by the BEM (Student Executive Council) in collaboration with HMJA (Student Association of Accounting Faculty of Economics and Business UB).

GRTW proud to present the 2014 National Seminar on Entrepreneurship with the theme “Let’s Make a billionaire your dream come true” to the main speaker ie BONG CHANDRA, the best motivator and youngest Se – Asia which has many successful ventures in Indonesia. He has conducted seminars throughout the city in Indonesia and appeared in several national television stations. Besides motivator and businessman, he also has written a book on motivation titled “Unlimited Wealth”.

There was also a speaker who always has creative ideas to create and develop ushanya. A Creativepreneur this one is REVELATION LIZ ADAIDEAJA, so usually he is known by his admirers. Rev. Liz is a creative entrepreneur and also an entrepreneurial seminar trainer came from Solo. He realize his ideas through business and create products – products that are creative. Not only being a creativepreneur, Rev. Liz also wrote open titled “Emperpreneur” where the book tells a story of the life of Rev. Liz from the overhang to a successful business today.

And also do not forget, GRTW will be enlivened by DZAWIN (Champion 3 Standup Comedy Indonesia) that will create laughter at the seminar. Men whose full name is Nur Ikram Dzawin this is a boarding school graduate who has always managed to invite the laughter of the audience. Dzawin with a typical joke material will add the excitement of this year’s event GRTW.

Execution of the event:

GRTW National Seminar 2014 will be held at Hotel Kartika Graha Hallroom Jl. Attorney General Soeprapto 17 Malang, East Java, on October 26, 2014.

In general, the objectives to be achieved through this activity is growing Entrepreneur spirit, especially for students. With the hope that they can provide solutions to problems that are going on to establish the independence of the Indonesian economy. Because, basically, students are agents of change in this country that will hold the future of leadership and should play an active role to pioneer the formation of a strong national economy. (Of Lot)

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