Sharing KM FEB UB Program of Department of Home Affairs Student Executive Board

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23 March 2018
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25 March 2018

Sharing KM is one of the programs of the Department of Home Affairs Student Executive Board of Faculty of Economics and Business University of Brawijaya 2018 which is engaged in establishing active, synergistic and harmonious communication with all existing stakeholders, namely: KM FEB, Dekanat, HMJ, DPM, LOF, LSOF, LPMF , Community, other BEMF, MFI and UB Community, and UB rectorate ranks. The Work Program has an ongoing system that starts from March to December 2018. The programs available include: KM Workshop, KM Public Relation Circle, LO / HMJ / LOF / LPMF / LSOF / DPM Visitation, Faculty Visits, Alumni Database, LKM and Community Database of UB, Timeline KM, and Dean Visits. Sharing KM is flexible in use of the room, almost of the entire agenda is located in university of brawijaya. But, we also use facilities in Faculty of Economics and Business such as UKM lt.2, Secretariat UKM, Basement FEB UB, and Hall of A/D.

Sharing KM objectives to maintain good relationships between BEM and all stakeholders in UB through active, synergistic, and harmonious communication. Sharing KM is located around Universitas Brawijaya, because all programs are within the scope of Universitas Brawijaya. It aims to provide good image BEM FEB UB 2018 to all stakeholders in UB. If this continues to be done, then the communication will continue to harmonious which makes the synergicity among existing stakeholders.

We  hope that in Sharing KM can be run in accordance with the function of KM FEB UB is togetherness, when there is a momentum that can not be searched the solution then deliberation, the middle path to the best results. Sharing KM will not work if it does not get all of all the parties who dare to act.