Social Campaign (Soscamp) 2019

FEB Green Movement 2019
31 October 2019
Teman Belajar Mahasiswa (TBM) 2019
31 October 2019

Social care is the feeling of being responsible for the difficulties faced by others. Social care is an important value that must be owned by everyone because in truth humans are social beings who can never live alone. Social life and love to help are universal teachings and are encouraged by all religions.

The role of students as agents of change is very necessary in an effort to invite training in social sensitivity. Through this work program, FEB Social Campaign hopes for a step of change through real action inviting to carry out social activities to increase concern for others.

Through the theme “Social Sensitivity and Environmental Concern”, we hope that the Social Campaign 2019 activity can be a place for students to actively participate in social activities to the community as a form of implementing the tri dharma tertiary institution, namely community service.

The Social Campaign will be held from March to October 2019. For Soscamp activities itself is divided into various activities, namely SAK (Sahabat Anak Kanker) which is located in Saiful Anwar Hospital. Then FEB Care, namely activities that initiate incidental assistance to disasters that occur around the community. And there are also Social Service activities that will be held at the nearest orphanage.