Study Excursie 2015, a program Economist Goes to Opera or the Theatre EGO FEB UB

14 September 2015
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17 September 2015

Art Study Excursie  is a program Economist Goes to Opera or the Theatre EGO FEB UB in order to grow and develop insight into the arts, showed fecundity EGO in domain archipelago. Art Study Excursie was held on September 23th until September 27th, 2015 that took place in the Mataram University, Lombok. Single stage activities this time titled “Orchestra Madun 1 alias Madekur and Tarkeni” by Arifin C. Noor and directed by Pradana Abi Darma, FEB student majoring in Economics.

Theatre Orchestra Madun 1 alias Madekur and Tarkeni by Arifin C. Noor have script unconventional structure. Departing from exploration together in ensemble work with the observation in the spaces around us.

Orchestra Madun 1 is the tragic story of two lovers Madekur and Tarkeni backgrounds humanitarian crisis conflict-ridden moving, use of language elements that are familiar with poetic color gives a strong potential to actualize the black side picture of the crisis of human inwardness. So the more dominant verbal element.

The stage for the event, the organizers have already provided 300 tickets at the presale price of Rp. 8000, – and on the spot Rp 10,000, – in addition to the success of this event, the organizers invited the senior theater artists in Mataram.

This single stage expected to succeed as a single stage in previous years. Indicators of the success of this event can be seen from the smooth running of this event alone, the quantity of audience discussion and happiness of all members of Theatre EGO FEB UB.